Monday, July 28, 2014

Peace on Earth

Somewhere along the line, we lost the true meaning of peace.

It went from being something holy, something that encompassed our whole lives, to being something that mean not fighting. The insanity of it all is quite wild, when you break it down. It is akin to saying that Mom and Dad are happy in their marriage because they are not screaming at one another. Anyone knows the quality of a relationship is determined by so much more than not biting each others heads off.

So why have we settled for the same in our world?

You do not have to look far to see unrest on the planet Earth these days. Armed conflicts in Ukraine, Israel, Afganistan, Iraq, Somali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, Egypt, Syria, South Sudan, to name the major current ones. Digging deeper, and you see so many more lives being claimed because we cannot get along.

Even when we are not attempting to murder one another, the lack of food and clean drinking water claims over 1.5 million children under five each year. Over 800 million people in our world are considered malnourished. 3.4 million people die each year from a water related disease, 780 million people on this planet do not have access to clean drinking water.

Peace means so much more than not fighting.

When Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers, he had something big in mind. A revolution that was so different from anything anyone could have imagined it would sweep the globe. One story about how he treated those who were outcast, sick and alone should tell you enough about how those who claim to represent Him should prioritize their lives. This is a revolution that means putting aside our comfort, stepping out into the great unknown and bringing peace to those all around the world.

Peace through helping resolving conflict. Sometimes by stepping in front of the guns ourselves, even though it may cost us our lives.

Peace through providing clean, sustainable drinking water for everyone. Even though it means leaving our running water to provide for others.

Peace through providing food for the hungry, and giving them the resources to provide for themselves. Even though it may cost us comfort and security.

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Peace through advocating for the voiceless, the downcast, the forgotten. Even though we may be associated with them and cast away.

The war wages on around us, gunshots ricocheting through the streets. Bombs drop a block over, and the wounded stumble by in a dazed state of shell shock. This is not our world -- it is not the place where we belong. Jesus did not command us to preach and observe, but to be his hands and feet in the world.

Following His example, our roles begin to take shape. We are called to bind the wounds of the broken, to provide for those who cannot, to bring about lasting, sustainable change in the name of a loving God. Then, and only then do we earn the right to speak -- but we no longer need to.

This is the peace that God desires. This is what Jesus meant when He said, "The Kingdom of God is near."

How are you spreading the Kingdom?

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