Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pursing the Prince of Peace

One need not look far to see the need our world has for peace. In every nook and cranny, people are at each others throats with weapons, words and more. In our hearts, we wrestle with our pasts, presents and futures. Like spectres, they haunt us hovering over every decision and relationship.

We are a people at war.

As I reflect on the glory of God each day, He has been impressing on me the absolutely foundation that is peace in our understanding of Him. Our earthly kingdoms are built on the blood of those who were slaughtered in the name of power. On the backs of those who were subjugated, every nation in the world has been founded. We laud our modern ideals of freedom and expression, but we neglect those who are inconvenient and easily forgotten.

How important is it then that the one who had every right to come and subjugate us chose a different path. Heralded from heaven above, clothed in legions of angels He came to this earth to set us free. I believe there was a part of us that sincerely believed He would come with sword drawn... it was certainly the hope of many of his Jewish contemporaries.

The one who had the power of the universe at His beck and call chose not to use an ounce of that power, but instead chose to establish a different kind of Kingdom. Rather than force us to bow a knee, He lead by example: teaching the lost, healing the sick, restoring the broken.

This Kingdom, like the others is founded on blood. It is the blood of its' ruler, the King laid down His life to establish His Kingdom, rather than draw the blood of others.

That difference is everything.

For a people at war, Jesus showed us that peace was costly. It would cost us our wealth, our fame and maybe even our lives. He showed us that none of those things matter when you have a Kingdom perspective. Suddenly our eyes are opened to a new world, one that surrounded us before -- but we are babes taking our first breath.

Next week, I want to dive into this topic in more depth. Peace in our own lives. Peace in our relationships. Peace in the world. Our Prince showed us a totally radical way, and even His bride seems to have lost her way. It is not too late to reclaim our calling.

We are peacemakers.

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