Thursday, August 14, 2014

Facing the Darkness Within

More than any other fear in our world, we are afraid to gaze inward and face our own demons. Depression, anger and addictions are all symptoms of a deeper beast that lurks under our Stepford lives. Marriages are broken, children are listless and culture seems lost -- we are searching for something greater outside of ourselves without overcoming our darkness within.

The past few posts have been exploring the idea of peace in a global and local context. Scratching the surface of a massive topic, and something that I believe is crucial to living a life in weakness. We cannot be comfortable in our natural weakness without being at peace with a greater strength. We cannot be a part of the solution until we stop feeding the problem.

I am blessed to have been a part of a family with a strong heritage. The blog has been dark over the past two weeks as Nicole and I journeyed East for a family reunion on the farm. A great few days with Uncles, Aunts and cousins as we reminisced and enjoyed spending time with one another.

One thing my family has taught me is that no challenge is too hard to overcome. Through our relationship with God along with friend sand family, whatever demons haunt us can be faced and the wounds healed. Whether it be the loss of a child, the struggle with cancer inside of families, unknown medical conditions or other insidious ailments -- God is enough.

So why do we not live like that is true?

Why do we live our daily routines as though we were alone, as though God really does not look down on us and promises to care for us like the sparrow? Why do we listen to the lies that tell us we are too far gone for God's infinite grace? Why do we allow fear to be our guide?

Jesus' Kingdom stands as the antithesis. Everyone that he met was broken, carrying baggage from their past. Many thought they were too far gone, too far out for Yahweh to save them. Some carried those burdens physically... they were lame, blind, diseased. Others carried it within, having robbed their countrymen for riches, broken marriages through adultery or been told that they would never be good enough.

Jesus came to each of them, bringing a soothing balm to their festering wounds. When the world tells us that we will amount to nothing -- God offers us purpose. When we are told we are unlovable, God loves us all the same. When we are maimed beyond repair, God begins to knit us back together.

"Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, 'I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.'" - Jesus
When we are stumbling through the darkness -- alone, distraught and panicked, God offers us light. There is no darkness that can withstand the light. No wound that cannot be healed. No sin that cannot be healed with repentance.

To truly spread the Kingdom, we must find peace within. We must walk into the light.

What lies have you listened to?

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