Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When It Isn't Working

Let's face a fact -- our western church is broken. Perhaps beyond salvage. We have existed in a Christendom imperialistic state for too long, and our spiritual muscles have begun to atrophy. Compounded by the fact that our enemy has not been idle. While we have lounged in the apparent comfort of our Christian culture, culture forgot it was Christian and moved on without us.

We listened to a lie.

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You know that one I am speaking of, even if only deep under the surface. The one that tells you that you are safe -- you belong in this world -- you can look like the world and keep your Christian identity. It is the same lie that tells you that your money and your spirituality are not intimately tied together. It is the lie that has slowly wrapped around the churches neck and is now bringing her to atrophy.
Arrogance and self-awareness seldom go hand in hand - M.
 While we were growing fat in our opulent pews, Satan was whispering to our children. While we focussed on our careers and providing safety for our future generations, He was gleefully heaping worry on our shoulders.

Soon we forgot about our calling and mission. Our pastors stopped pushing, and started manoeuvring for a piece of the pie. We stopped depending on the One who leads out of Egypt and lowered our eyes to the Caananites in the Promised Land. They are too big, too strong. Their walls are too tall for us to overcome.

As if the battle was ever ours to fight.

The step forward is a big one. For some, it will be insurmountable. The faith that God is asking of us is not what they believe in -- it costs too much. What they do not know will kill them in the end, and so we must step forward with fear and grace to those who will not follow us.

It is a step towards humility. Recognizing that maybe we were wrong.

It is a step towards Scripture. Approaching it not to validate our opinions, but to learn.

It is a step towards our calling. To spread the Gospel in deed. Uplifting our communities and breaking the cycles of poverty, racism and violence.

It is a step towards our Saviour. Because it was always about him.

When it isn't working, it is time for something new. For insanity is trying the same thing and expecting different results.

Surrender to the One who can truly bring change in the world. Through our humility, we find freedom.

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