Wednesday, January 4, 2017

India 2017: The Continuing Narrative

Over the past two and a half years, I have had the privilege of working with some incredible individuals from all around the world. From closed countries, where the Gospel is actively squelched, to others where it can be preached openly, but needs to take root -- these are individuals with a deep calling on their lives.

Tomorrow I board the plane with eight others to rediscover how God is working in a place that has caught my heart and imagination - Kolkata, India. From the slums of Kolkata, to the remote islands of the Sunderban Islands; the red light district of Sonagachi to the community development centers of West Bengal -- God is at work. Young girls rescued, families transformed, churches planted, all because of the conviction and determination of young men and women who have felt that calling on their lives and given dearly to see Kingdom come.

Each night in Kolkata, I'm going to be sharing stories of how we saw the Lord at work in some of these dark, difficult places. Would you join me on this journey? From Canada, through China and into India and back. Pray for the team, open your heart and mind to what God may have in store for you, and explore how He is already moving through the local church?

You can find out more information about our ministry partners and the work of Partners International on the website at

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  1. Looking forward to hearing!!! Our Lord bless you Stephen.