Monday, January 9, 2017

India Day 3: The Kingdom

This post is part of a series from a Discovery Trip to visit one of Partners International's partners in Kolkata, India. JKPS works in community development, social justice, adult education and with children at risk. Resources like bikes, clean water wells, monthly partnership with a local pastor go a long way to enabling this vital ministry to the Bengali people.

Have you ever met someone that amazes you? Every small nuance of their character and action inspires you to reach higher, work harder, be better. These are extra ordinary individuals, who give of themselves to make this world a better place.

Today we had the honour of meeting a room full of such individuals. Yesterday when we were in the village, we saw the realities of faith in these remote, dark places. Today we met the sowers who are training to go. Warriors for the Kingdom of God who have often laid so much at the foot of the cross, yet have so much ahead of them.

Take my friend Ramesh as an example. He grew up in a Hindu village, with parents that followed the faith. As he heard a JKPS missionary preach, he took the words to heart. When his mother was sick, nearly dead, he responded by giving his life to the Lord -- and then going to his mother and sharing this new faith with her.

This past summer, JKPS dedicated a new church building in his village. There are over 120 worshippers in that community, and it was Ramesh's father who gave the land for the church.

There is so much darkness here in India, but in the midst of the darkness, the Lord is lighting a wildfire to burn across the world. We have a choice in that battle -- will we allow our hearts to be kindling, ready to ignite at the slightest heat, or will we keep our hearts waterlogged, fighting the ignition at every step.

On the John and Mary Thomas Center property, the Premanand Boys home has sprung up in the past year and a half. These young men, who have seen some of the worst sides of humanity are shown love, respect, dignity and above all, family.

Coming from an environment, where their mothers were prostituting themselves in the same room as the boys to a place where they are loved and respected can not be understated. This is the Kingdom of God at work in our world. Lives that Satan fully intended to destroy and use in his own schemes are redeemed. Abuse is replaced with love, rejection with family.

It makes me stop and wonder what wildfire God wants to light in Canada? What role do I have to play in that? Has my heart been waterlogged, or am I allowing the Lord to prepare the kindling? Like these young men training to plant churches in India, I want to be on that cutting edge, seeking the will of the Lord and responding as He leads.

The Kingdom of God is here. It is not a past tense, nor a future tense -- but present. We are the Kingdom of God, and when I hear the testimonies of these young men, and see the transformation in the live of the young Premanand boys -- Heaven draws near.

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