Sunday, March 13, 2016

Moldova Day 2 - A Global Family

This week, I'm on a trip with HillCity Church to see the work of Beginning of Life, one of Partners International's ministry Partners.

If you are a follower of Christ, you are part of a huge family. One that is so much bigger, more diverse than you could possibly imagine. It's likely that the most effective arms of that family you've never heard of. They're head-down in the work of proclaiming the gospel and setting the captives free.

Today we joined with Light of the World church in Chisinau to worship. Three times we joined with them to see how God is working. If you believe that would be a ton of Church, you'd be so mistaken.

The morning service is what you've likely come to expect from a church service. A group of people gathering to worship God and discover what He has in store. The pastor spoke about what it meant to be a Light in this world, and how each of us is called to it from 2 Timothy.

Deceptively normal, for what is burning under the surface begins to boil through the thin surface layer. You have to be watching, but they are a people of deep passion, understanding the plight of their nation and willing to stand up for her soul. The people sitting in the chairs are warriors, gathering to renew their souls for the battles the week will bring.

Its refreshing. There's something we can each learn from a church that understands the trajectory of its nation... And it stepping out to redeem it.

It didn't end there. We had a quick pizza lunch and went back to the same room. The layout and heart of the place changed. Catchy beat lines welcomed us as we were plunged into organized chaos.

What only 30 minutes before held a traditional, yet passionate church service now was home to over 100 teenagers. Equal to the size of the whole church, it's a ministry that would shock most communities in Canada.

Within this room, over 70% of the youth come from at-risk homes. Only 19 of them are professing Christians, yet they call this community home. Coming week after week for friends, games, pieces of Moldova history, singing, testimonies and scripture.

They're rough around the edges, needy in ways that we can't even begin to hypothesize. Their homes are beyond broken, and their hearts and actions show it. Young woman desperate for attention from the young men, and the boys happy to give them the attention they seek.

It's exactly the kind of people Jesus loves. The people that the church needs most to drive her forward and keep her rooted in her mission. They are thirsty for everlasting water, and the church knows that.

There's a deep love for Petr in each of these youth that tells of a deeper river of relationship running through their lives. Seeds are growing and the harvest is coming.

After a quick jaunt to the Soviet memorial to world War 2, and the eternal flame that burns in remembrance, we were back at the church for one more service. This one for the young adults of the church.

Again, a totally different feel to the same heart that beat in the other services. The topic for the evening was relationships and three couples offered their perspective on what made a healthy marriage.

Three different perspectives from three different couples in different places in their own relationships. One newly married, one with a young child, and one seasoned couple. Each with wisdom for young adults who likely never had an example of marriage in their own lives.

These are our brothers and sisters, living out the Gospel in Chisinau (Kees-nau). They need your prayers and support. They should be an inspiration for what healthy church looks like, and a challenge to be the church in our neighborhoods.

All it takes is a heart that seeks the Gospel first, laying aside our wants and pride. Easily put to words, and incredibly challenging to live.

I hope we can rise to it.

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  1. You're a fantastic writer! Thanks for keep us all posted on your trip. We're looking forward to your next blog! Praying for you!

    -Febbie, PI Canada