Saturday, March 19, 2016

Moldova Day 8 - True Partnership

This week, I'm on a trip with HillCity Church to see the work of Beginning of Life, one of Partners International's ministry Partners.

No matter your experience with trips, God always surprises. I don't think any of the 14 members on this trip could have even begun to imagine what the Lord had in store for us last Friday as we boarded the plane in Vancouver. As humans, we are in the business of building boxes for God, and He is never ceases to blow our expectations away.

We have been broken with realities of Moldova, sharing moments of anger, tears, passion, vision and thankfully so much laughter. We have walked through the emotional and spiritual journey hand in hand as we have sought the will of the Lord. He has gleefully shown us new aspects of His faithfulness and unveiled His heart to us. Each and every one us of us have been left standing slack jawed at the majestic vision unfolding before us.

The road will not be smooth, because we are looking over a battlefield. The enemy has claimed this land as its own, yet the Heavenly Armies are advancing. Satan wants nothing more than for those in bondage to remain beaten, listless and afraid. Yet life by valuable life the Church declares freedom for the captives, comfort for the widows, a future for the orphans. The Lord's eyes are upon this land and his rage burns against the injustices.

How could we not be excited? How could we not invest our hearts?

This is the heart of discovery. We came to see what God was doing in Moldova, and we were inspired about what He could do I'm Canada. We came to serve and give, and we received in return.

God has given a vision of an uncontrolled, indiscriminate wildfire sweeping the cities of Canada. A coming time when the widows, orphans and forgotten of our land are called out of the shadows and given a place of honor in our communities. Where the Church stands as a shining example of the coming and present Kingdom of God on earth, restoring the fractures of our society in deed, speech and truth.

We have been challenged not to observe our culture, but to participate in it. To preach with our actions and love bigger than our skin. Shining like a city on a hill, a beacon of hope and safety for all those wandering in the darkness.

This is the vision God has laid on our hearts. He is already realizing this in Moldova, and we have caught the flame. Now we come as torch bearers to our home, having left to serve, and discovering the barrenness of our own land. That is where our eyes turn to, knowing that in partnership the Kingdom of God will advance ever forward around the world.

Tomorrow we awake early in the morning to begin our journey home. We leave a piece of our hearts here, and bring a part of her with us. True partnership.

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