Saturday, January 17, 2015

Leave Everything

I have a confession. There are times when one of my bad habits really starts to show its unseemly face. It is one of those things that seems really innocent, and is even easy to hide, but has some bad consequences.

Sometimes when I read scripture I like to pick the things that I like. I highlight the easy things, or the things I'm good at, but downplay the things that make me uncomfortable. What can I say? I'm human.

As we sat in the Touch the Lives office today, we met worker after worker who have heart breaking stories. A father dead from electrocution, and a mother carrying on the work with the encouragement of her two children but mockery of family. A young man who has been kicked out of his family because of Jesus. Others who gave up everything because of a God who revealed Himself through a passing stranger or a tract.

These are the people who will be first into the Kingdom of heaven while us 'Christians' take up the back of the line. They don't need to understand concepts of persecution or being adopted into the family of God, because they live it everyday. When your entire village has turned their back on you, when you are physically and emotionally abused for your faith, you begin to understand the importance of the teaching on the family of God. Suddenly the idea of being adopted makes sense when your natural family wants nothing to do with you. They've abandoned you.

In a country full of shrines to trees, metal and stone these workers have discovered a living, active and loving God. They know a family that surrounds them and what it means to walk in the steps of Jesus everyday. They don't have the luxury of deciding if they will use their faith to share with friends, they are preaching to everyone because they must.

They have left everything to follow Jesus. Their family, friends, homes and jobs. We have so much to learn from these brave, courageous children of God.

Do you know how He has rewarded them?

New children to share their faith with. Inroads into villages that have never heard the name of Jesus. Children learning how to read and write. Singing songs of God's goodness and faithfulness.

Jesus called us to leave everything because he never intended to die for part of your heart. He died for all of me, and deserves nothing less.

If you want to support one of these incredible workers, I'd love to share more with you!

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