Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Meaningful Missions

Why do we believe in missions? A simple question with a complex answer. Hidden beneath those few words are decades of assumptions and personal experiences that colour our answer. Subtracting ourselves from the equation is the hardest part of making it balance.

We can put complex theories on the minutia of missional theology that require graduate degrees to understand. We often hide our missions behind complex layers of bureaucracy so we can absolve ourselves of guilt for doing nothing. We spend more time talking amongst ourselves about how we should do missions than about the one who died for us.

It is a luxury most of the world does not have. They suffer because of our passionless inaction. Why we tie up meaningful decisions in committees and politics, people are still suffering, waiting to hear the news of a caring God.

In the past 15 days I have been blessed to visit 5 of our partners. These are individuals who helm organizations who are on the front lines of the war for this earth. The darkness pushes in against them constantly and their response is not to hide in their trenches, but to defiantly raise their torches higher and fervidly charge into that dark night.

They stand at the gates of hell and do fierce battle for each and every soul. The hollow meetings mean little when people are begging you for help. The finances mean little when there are entire people groups who have not heard the name of Christ. These are organizations who are deeply in tune with what their Heavenly General is doing across the globe and responding in their own communities.

Jesus did not die for us to argue over the floral arrangement when there are people dying in the streets. He didn't travel through Samaria to protect his property value. He died on a cross because of love. Fulfilling the plan of redemption, the moment of defeat became our battle cry. It transformed our shame into His glory.

This is meaningful missions. Local churches planted. Lives transformed. Christ proclaimed.

You don't need to travel across the world to be involved. Step out your door and do something

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