Wednesday, January 21, 2015

End of a Journey

What an incredible journey this has been. 3 countries, 5 ministries, hundreds of individuals. It is the kind of experience that words cannot begin to describe. Each stop has been a roller-coaster of emotions, with my heart unsure of how to feel.

On one hand, you see the worst of humanity. People trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty, girls who were ripped away from innocence. These are the places where the veil is thin between he'll and earth, where we've given Satan power over us.

Yet there are ministries and individuals standing in the gaps. Some are on the front lines, swords held high and voices raised in battle. Angels and people interspersed amidst the battlefield engaged against the forces of darkness. Though the black tide threatens to overwhelm, the light will not be conquered.

While some are on the front lines, others have infiltrated the enemy territory. Small pockets of lanterns lighting wild fires to spread the light and push back the darkness. Rural villages reached for Christ, women taking ownership of their future and caring for their children. Remote tribe hearing the gospel for the first time. Young people risking everything for the cause of Christ, leaving their families and security behind.

And it's working. Slowly, but surely we pave the way for Christ. Our current world is doomed from the corruption that is slowly squeezing the life from her. Yet we are salt and light, proclaimers of the current and coming Kingdom. Where there will be no tears, poverty, hunger or suffering. There will only be freedom.

The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. We talk about this in Canada as if we understand it, yet elsewhere in the world God has prepared the church for immense growth and they only need us to bless them to do the work. As one of our leaders put it, "The world knows more Indian Christians than it does Canadians."

Now for the long journey home. We leave tomorrow at 9 AM, fly to Delhi, and then I fly through China and onward to Canada alone. Can't wait to be home and tell these stories in person! Thank you for your prayers, they have been felt and mean more than I can express.

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